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Sealed grates

Zinc-plated grate assembled with Bering bars jointed by rod. Rod is set thanks to what grate is very strong. Correct measurement of bearing bar and fire zinc-plated are a guarantee of using it with no problems for many years. This is a solution totally different than standard ‘grates’, from serial production, which getting distortion in one season.



Our grate:



  • Works very good before a shop, house or office


  • Is fire zinc-plated ( in around 400 degrees)


  • Is unaffected by corrosion and atmospheric conditions


  • Without a problem stands the weight of a car


  • Meant to instalment in a recess on deep 35mm


  • Has ‘thick’ holes 30x14mm


  • Highness of a bearing bar 30x3(2)mm


  • Recommened to instalment with welded frame, fire zinc-plated


  • Got two years of guarantee




















The grate is installed in a recess on deep 35mm or in such deep recess. If there is a big distance between grate’s support points, it is needed to use a prop and/or frame divided for example running board.



Price list



Price (netto)

Sealed grate – module

80x55 cm

131,00 PLN

Sealed grate – module

100x75 cm

224,00 PLN

Sealed grate – any measurement

100x100 cm

Exactly with offer
(price for 1 m2 – 299 PLN)

Zinc-plated frame

for 1 m.b.

39,50 PLN

Other construction elements  

Exactly with offer



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Advance payment may be made on the account: CSN Wycieraczki z klasą……..


Please make a payment after confirming the date of realization. For your wish we write out pro-forma invoice.



In the case of choosing payment during delivering customer pay additional amount for getting the letter as 12zł netto + 22% VAT




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