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General information

  Incoming cleaning system is a complex of shoes cleaning elements (mostly doormats or mats) well matched to the intensity of motion and specification of object.

  Professional cleaning system even few time more decreases necessity of cleaning inside the object, improve security incomming and definitely raises prestige of income. 

  It is worth to remember that in the case of existing a lot of variables during designing the cleaning system there is no two identical solutions, that's why before any putchase it is necessary to sonsult with expert who will advice the right solutions.

By us you will get full information about cleaning systensm designing rules and its nurturing. 

On yourwish we will prepare also individual offer fit into object in few variants. 



  • Doormats and the way of using it show the host and a designer of building's income
  • Better is to anticipate recesses for doormats in project than to cut our fresh made tiles
  • It is worth even 3 times call and ask for an advice than once do wrong