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Doormats LABRUS

Professional doormats made from twined nylon fibre, set in basis of natural rubber. Thanks to such connection very high absorptiveness and durability has been reached.

Our doormat:

  • Has elastic edges, cleaning effective from destruction of fibre
  • It may be often wash, even in washing machine
  • Gives very high absorptiveness to 6l/m2
  • Made by used as disinfection mat, after dripping with correct chemicals
  • Has 2 years of guarantee











Cleaning sphere





Price list

Name measurement Price
Textile doormat LABRUS 85x120cm 258,00 pln
Textile doormat LABRUS 85x60cm 129,00 pln
Textile doormat LABRUS 115x175cm 509,00 pln
Textile doormat LABRUS 115x240cm 698,00 pln
Textile doormat LABRUS 150x240cm 911,00 pln
Textile doormat LABRUS 150x360cm 1366,00 pln
Textile doormat LABRUS 85x150cm 324,00 pln
Textile doormat LABRUS 85x300cm 645,00 pln



Ordered commodity we send by courier or priority letter. In the case of advance payment for commodity sending commodity in Poland is free. Sending abroad is calculated individual.
Advance payment may be made on the account: CSN ……..
Please make a payment after confirming the date of realization. For your wish we write out pro-forma invoice.

In the case of choosing payment during delivering customer pay additional amount for getting the letter as 12pln netto + 22% VAT

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